Hello World, we are rainmaqr,
a new kind of real estate marketing
technology company.

Designed for real estate, the
rainmaqr platform mobilizes
your static offline marketing.

Local, curbside
and print marketing bridged
with QR codes to your online marketing.

QR Codes for Real Estate Marketing & Signs.

Real Estate's Problem: Buyers are curbside with no way to find relevant or timely mobile information.
Agent's Problem:
70% of the buying cycle is completed prior to a customer contacting a company.
Broker's Problem: Offering their own agents a tool to integrate offline marketing to online listing information.
Solution: Dynamic QR codes printed on all offline marketing that can be controlled online.

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QR Codes

QR codes are about to become the most used offline marketing asset in your toolbox. To help show you the power of a dynamic QR code, soon to be powered by our system, check out our mobile landing page demo and don't forget to sign up on our welcome list to be the first to try it out. We are making it simple to use and easy for any real estate pro.

Real Estate Focus

We want to help empower you with knowledge, technology and our marketing prowess prior to releasing our system later this year. Are you already on Twitter? Follow our @Rainmaqr feed for real estate marketing tips or check out our Pinterest boards where we pull together the latest REmarketing trends through images. Tips to help you stay up to date with real estate marketing technology and trends.


Founded on December 12th, 2012 (a very lucky day), we are the first company solely focused on providing the real estate industry with new marketing technology to bridge their existing offline marketing tools with their new online marketing tools.

Please sign up for our email notification for when the service does become available or if you would like to help us beta test a little later this year. We are building this QR code management system for real estate; so your opinion can help us transform the industry!

Dynamic QR Code

Unlike typical QR code generators, ours will create a "dynamic" QR code that will allow you to reuse printed materials for your next property and change where your offline codes will take your mobile consumer upon their next scan. This will save you money on printing yard signs, coordinating print ads and help generate more curbside leads! Wouldn't you like to scan without getting out of the car to look for empty brochure boxes when shopping for your next home?

Bad Reputation

QR codes have gotten a bad reputation, however that is because marketers have done a bad job using QR codes to generic websites. We are making them dynamic and placing you in control! Print them on your marketing materials once and then change them through our control panel anytime you need to change where the code should go upon a scan.

Relevancy Matters

Who wants to scan a code and then spend 10 minutes searching for the information that used to be available on a printed brochure. With a dynamic QR code management system, you can direct your customers to your own detailed listing. No need to retype any information; just use our mobile landing page with up to 5 simple buttons to quickly connect your buyer to prices, interior photos, videos or even texting you automatically - within 1-click.

QR Codes That Work in Real Estate Marketing

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