Mobilizing Offline Marketing
Hello World, we are rainmaqr, a dynamic QR code marketing management platform that helps real estate marketers transform their offline marketing (yard signs, flyers, showings, postcards, magazine ads, etc.) to inbound lead generation tools allowing 1-tap access from a mobile phone for additional research (website listing, photography, price, floor plan, local taxes, open house schedules, video, etc.) and preferred contact options (text, call and/or email) depending on the current buying stage (discovery, research, selection or closing).

Our Mission
To integrate the world's offline marketing assets seamlessly with digital marketing assets, providing a more meaningful mobile experience for consumers.

Looking for a marketing technology speaker?
Since 2012, we have been focused on real estate marketing with a repository of some great statistics, home buyer trends and how marketing is playing an ever increasing role in winning the mobile consumer. With over 20 years experience - we love to share our expertise. Simply scan through our @rainmaqr Twitter feed to see if these topics would be of interest for your audience. Email us at for availability and discuss topics.

Born on 12/12/12 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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