At the heart of the Rainmaqr's QR Campaign Management (QRCM) platform, you have the traditional QR code however, now instead of needing to continuously reprint your marketing assets, send customers to a generic website or take too much time to coordinate those campaigns - our platform is simply a tool "in the cloud" to create, print and schedule your QR code campaigns online with the ability to control them 24X7 - and allow your offline marketing assets to provide a better return on investment.

Bridging Offline
Marketing to Online

QR codes are the easiest and most common way to connect and engage your mobile consumers quickly with any of your existing digital media - allowing you to keep your brand without any double data entry.

Easy Campaign
Creation & Control

After you sign up for a free or paid account, set up your first campaign within minutes, and create your offline marketing - you can set start & end dates for campaigns and even have a custom URL to redirect to once the end date has arrived.

QR Campaigns
Work For You

Change the function or redirect the code to a new URL anytime, allowing the same code to be used for different purposes even after it has been printed. Mobile consumers demand instant information - now you can have a 24X7 campaign working for you.

Easy Offline

After creating a campaign, simply download the ready to print QR Code image(s) and paste them into Word documents or send them to your designer for hi-quality print work.

System Integrations

(Coming Soon) Our API solution will allow our enterprise-level clients to access our application's objects and processes without using the application interface - connecting powerful solutions.

Tracking &

Reports provide you aggregated information about your campaigns, scans and other aspects of your QR code campaigns running through the Rainmaqr application.

Working In The Cloud

We've brought the power of your existing offline marketing assets to drive more relevant and timely customer engagement directly to your online marketing assets - transforming the way you reach your customers.

Marketers around the world are hungry for a better, timelier lead generation tool that will provide consumers with the information that they want - when they want - through their mobile device.

After setting up your free account (it takes less than 30 seconds and does not require a credit card), our campaign creation wizard helps you get your first campaign launched within minutes. Once you have the campaign created, it is easy to change your mind and have the QR code point to a new URL, a new phone number, a new video or whatever your creativity has in mind. It's that simple.
After creating your first campaign using the campaign creation wizard, it is easy to download an image file to paste your new campaign code in Word, send to a printer, send to your graphic designer or even just email it to your sign vendor. The code can now be printed, but keep in mind you can change what/where the code points anytime online - saving you money. It's that simple.
After you create your first campaign, download your campaign's QR code and have it printed on anything you like - easily change what the code will do or display when a consumer scans it. If you need to change the physical location of the sign you printed it on and update the mobile site that the code points to - it take seconds and happens in real time. You can even use our scheduling tool to pre-program different campaigns by date and time.

Mobilize Your Marketing