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by Rainmaqr | posted on | August 16th, 2013
Location, location, location — traditional offline real estate marketing will always be at the foundation of most successful real estate marketing campaigns; however with today's mobile curbside consumer those who embrace this technique will win.
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by Frank Lockwood | posted on | June 25th, 2013
It seems that every print and outdoor ad these days has some form of a QR code slapped onto it. It has gotten to the point that giant billboards feature QR codes, which are well out of reach of someone speeding by in a car. Considering that people are meant to interact with QR codes via a mobile device, this tactic makes zero sense....
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by Chantal Tode | posted on | April 23rd, 2013
Re/Max real estate agents are putting QR codes on their business cards to link homebuyers to relevant information and, ultimately, help close sales. The QR code on an agent's business card links to a mobile optimized landing page ...
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by Nikesh Parekh, CEO | posted on | April 8th, 2013
The real estate market is FINALLY improving and it is time to drastically change your real estate marketing strategy. We conducted a survey of 400 consumers who purchased or sold a home in 2004 AND in 2012. Here are three major trends we uncovered and 8 key strategies to improve your real estate marketing & technologies...
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by David Moth | posted on | March 25th, 2013
Just 11% of European consumers have scanned a QR code in an outdoor advert, according to a new a survey by CBS Outdoor. This is despite the fact that the study showed that more than half (54%) of respondents are aware of what QR codes are for. It does need to be taken into account that outdoor advertising refers exclusively to billboards and posters, with press ads not included in the survey. The Interactive Europe 2013 report also found that...
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by Michael J. Solender | posted on | March 19th, 2013
To understand how Tommy Lawing Jr., 64, blends tradition and technology to maintain a high profile for his 50-year-old real estate business, a visitor only needs to look around his Seventh Street office near uptown...
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by Justin Amendola | posted on | March 7th, 2013
QR (quick response) codes have opened up a new avenue for marketers to increase and measure engagement with consumers. With so many uses and tangible benefits, it's no wonder QR codes are becoming more popular each year.
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by Jane Clark Realty | posted on eReleases | February 14th, 2013
Increased house showing results attributed to special dynamic QR codes included on house flyers - Jane Clark Realty has something in common with the tech savvy folks that produced some of those award winning Super Bowl commercials. They are called QR Codes and they are designed to get you where you need to be on the internet ? fast. That is exactly what Jane's new dynamic QR codes have been doing for her McKinney Real Estate clients for the past year?getting buyers to the homes they need to see fast.
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by Tory Barringer | posted on | July 27th, 2012
Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., announced Thursday that the company now has "quick response" (QR) codes available for each of its listings, agents, and managers.. Each Long & Foster listing is given a unique QR code that, when scanned, directs users to detailed property information on the company's website. In addition, agents and managers can include their own QR codes on their personal websites or promotional materials.
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