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Consumers are changing and the tools that you, as the seller's agent, offer to connect and engage with these potential buyers needs to change too. Smartphone usage continues to grow year over year throughout the world, broadband cellular networks continue to get faster and the perspective of all consumers is to demand "purchase decision-making" information much faster than historically expected - and those sellers who provide that information at the right time and right place with relative content (as opposed to generic content), wins.

We predict that QR code technology will in the very near future be a standard tool for all real estate transactions and sellers will soon begin to choose the agent who can represent them best with offering these new technologies, not just because they are trendy or cool, but because they are expected in every consumer purchase process.
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Sellers are looking for broker's agents who can offer the most opportunity to connect their property with buyers in the local community. Many buyers will turn to the internet and search the various listing networks who you may, or may not, have a relationship with to drive leads in a digital format. We believe that the local, drive-by consumer is a very important lead in the home selling business. This lead is either in the neighborhood because of another listing, an open house or simply a weekend scouting expedition for the new home.

To satisfy that immediate need of the consumer, when in front of the property, you should be able to connect that person to contact, price and interior pictures with one-click of the consumer's mobile device; while still promoting your brand, your existing digital assets and agents - without diluting the brand through third-party listing services.
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Consumers are flocking to the internet to begin their search process to find available properties in the locality of their choice. However, the online listing firms still struggle to offer that bridge between the offline property search process (drive-by shoppers) and their valuable listing database. With offering a QR code engine to provide their customers with an easy-to-use tool in the cloud, we help bridge those offline and online assets. Enhance your offering and drive additional revenue streams. Call us to find out more and to hear more about our Phase II and Phase II product enhancements that may support your growth strategies.

Our API toolkit (coming soon) will allow our listing firm partners to access our application's objects and processes without using the application interface - connecting powerful solutions to their customers and provide the property seeker with that offline bridge to their specific listing from whatever device, site or property they choose - providing a win for the listing service, a win for the agent and a win for the buyer through a better experience, instant mobile information and specific content (as opposed to general non-property specific content).
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The "mobile mind shift" is happening and your marketing programs must support this emerging segment of mobile consumer's who expect instant access to pricing, floor plan, lot availability and your sale's team contact information with one-click from any mobile device 24X7 from the curb.

The best and most efficient tool for this transfer from your offline to your online marketing is the QR code printed on your outdoor lot signage. The easiest, most cost effective implementation for these types of code-based campaigns is with an online QR campaign management (QRCM) tool.

Traditionally, you would print your sign once and have it direct your consumers to a generic company landing page and since it obviously would cost too much money to constantly reprint those signs with a unique url or code every time you would unknowingly annoy this emerging class of mobile consumer ? however, now with a QRCM tool, you can print it once and change where the code points through the online tool and send consumers directly to the lot information that they are researching. Generating more leads, meeting consumer expectations and ultimately driving revenue with a simple, yet competitive marketing advantage.
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To be successful with providing your clients with the lead volume to grow their businesses; we offer an easy-to-use enterprise-level account that will let you set up multiple users and offer your clients the access they need to quickly change QR code based signage, brochures and business cards. With a dynamic QR code campaign management system under your control, you can provide quick-turnarounds, easy changes and creative mobile solutions to your clients all without expensive IT resources.

Our system allows you to incorporate QR codes in your client's email marketing, print marketing, contact management, digital marketing and lead generation programs with ease.
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Need to offer QR codes to your advertising clients? You may decide to use QR codes as a supplemental revenue stream or a standard offering with your advertising packages; our system allows your team to access the system 24X7, schedule campaign begin and end dates, have a default URL loaded for display after a campaign ends, easy-to-create codes, easy-to-download codes and the flexibility to use our API solution (coming soon).

Our API solution will allow our enterprise-level clients to access our application's objects and processes without using the application interface - connecting powerful solutions.
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