Platform Questions

Free Trial:If You register on our website for a free trial, We will make one or more Services available to You on a trial basis free of charge until the earlier of (a) the end of the free trial period for which you registered or are registering to use the applicable Service or (b) the start date of any Purchased Services ordered by You. Additional trial terms and conditions may appear on the trial registration web page.

If you cancel your services, your cancellation takes effect on your next billing cycle. This means we won't be able to refund you for any unused portion of your services. .
No, however we do offer 12-month pre-paid service at a discounted price. Our standard plans are paid on a month-to-month basis, unless you specify otherwise and want to negotiate a term agreement.
No. The platform does not capture or report upon any personal information. However, you can create a campaign on the platform that links to your own hosted online form and ask for this type of information along with an opt-in.
Yes. Once your QR code campaign is created in the system - you can change the content it points to at any time and the system will make the changes in real-time. Print and/or distribute your code once and update what it points to on an as-needed basis. This is sometimes best used on permanent signage, to help time the creation of a print advertisement with an online asset or simply just changing your mind after receiving printed copies.
Yes, when you upgrade your free account, the current campaign(s) you are managing will be automatically migrated to your new paid account.
Yes. If you are using a Free Account, your campaigns will no longer be accessible after the expiration date unless you upgrade to a paid account. Our customers with paid accounts who remain in paid status will not expire unless cancelled upon notice.
Sign into your account and navigate to the "Offline" tab of the campaign. This tab will allow you to either download or order other options for offline assets. Once downloaded, you can either send the file via email, open it in a graphic application or import it into a document like Word.

Campaign Questions

Free code generators create a static link that are great for some applications that never change where the code will point; however in some industries a code is better to be printed once and then repurposed on-the-fly. For example, signage that may move from location to location and need to be repurposed for different URLs when moved is a perfect scenario that would benefit from our QR campaign management platform (QRCM) to help administer those more complex campaigns.

Depending on whether you plan to use your code on an outdoor permanent sign, a printed brochure, in a magazine advertisement or on a direct mail postcard - we recommend testing your code by printing it out at those various sizes and test with different devices. To help optimize our system we use a non-branded short code of for our codes, which help increase the pixels and decrease the distance needed compared to more typical urls; this also minimizes any impact to your brand with our generic short url.
To allow our system to keep track of scans and allow you to change the purpose of these campaigns in real-time, the consumer's scan must visit our system first and then immediately directed to your campaigns content. Our campaigns also benefit from a very short url, which makes scanning more accurate from farther distances than traditional codes with much longer URLs.
QR campaigns are the perfect bridge from any offline marketing asset (brochure, print advertisement, sign, giveaways, etc) to connect a consumer with your existing digital assets. These digital assets can be a Facebook page, a product listing detail page, a Google map, automatically initiate a phone call, pre-populate an email that can be sent immediately after the scan to the recipient of your choice, connect to a calendar - the possibilities are endless and only limited by your creativity. If you would like to brainstorm some possibilities and see how our system might help you - please contact us anytime. Always keep in mind that the scan will happen on a mobile device and your campaign should provide timely, relevant and appropriate content to the location of their scan - it also may be save for reference at a later time.

Why Rainmaqr?

Unlike others - we are focused on the real estate industry and continue to develop solutions to help this industry become more digital and mobile.

  • Real Estate Focused
  • Easy To Try
  • Easy To Use
  • Bridge to Mobile
  • Brand Neutral Campaigns
  • No Duplicate Data Entry
  • Works With Existing Digital